Individual Counseling is about helping you find healthy ways to feel better and to do better. You may benefit from counseling to help manage such things as anxiety and depression.

Anxiety, although an important part of growth, can be crippling at times. Anxiety may be a result of putting yourself in a position to grow, such as taking on new challenges or doing something out of your comfort zone. It’s when anxiety gets out of control, that one may choose to seek counseling. You will learn ways to identify triggers and to make changes in your behavior or way of thinking. For example, how to use positive self-talk, how to reach out to others who can help tackle the anxiety, or how to make use of physical exercise, while also avoiding things like drugs and alcohol. Anxiety comes in many forms, and no two clients will receive exactly the same treatment plan.

Counseling for depression is the most sought after counseling there is. Every person experiences depression in some way, at some point in their lives – some much more than others. Many turn to psychiatric medications in addition to counseling. And some would rather avoid medications. Fighting depression in therapy is about more than feeling better. What makes it difficult is that you must learn to tackle the depression in counseling, as well as outside of counseling. You have to learn to create a less depressing life, even during your most depressed times. This means getting out of bed, taking a shower, making plans and keeping them. The counselor will help you learn to put one foot in front of the other, every day, even outside of your sessions.

You should also consider seeking help if you are dealing with trust and relationship issues, financial issues, anger management issues, or if you are trying to get a hold on an addiction.


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