Addiction has never been more prevalent in our society than it is today. Some addicts don’t even recognize their need for treatment, in turn causing their addiction to advance to dangerous levels. Not only do drugs and alcohol take their toll on the body, they also wreak havoc with the mind. We provide the counseling that you or a loved one needs to rid themselves of the burden of addiction. 
Along with our 13 week program (in some cases more), we will also arm you with the tools to be able to silence the voice in your head saying that “you can’t”. These tools will help you during stressful situations, cravings, and the urges. You will learn to become more aware of the situations that put you at risk of a relapse. We will help you, and others participating in your sobriety, in how to assess your thoughts and feelings, how to communicate with others, how to improve your lifestyle habits, how to set goals, and how to to build stronger relationships.
The program is based on your needs to tackle the addiction in the best possible way for you. But this isn’t to say it won’t be hard work. You must show up and dedicate yourself to the sessions for the program to work. The goal is to help you abstain from your drug of choice, recover after a relapse, and live a more satisfying life!

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